Hello. I'm Erica!
I love Santa Clause and smiley faces. Guess what do you get when you combine both together?


Yes, it's my Smiley Santa! Whee! :D


Fan: ELI!
Eli: Buh?
Fan: *holds up a redbull*
Eli: :O!!!!!! FOR ME?!?
Fan: *holds up bag with 5* For you~
Eli: *Face= this photo*

Eli was SO ADORABLE last night. All he wanted were those damn redbulls.

I’m still not sure how much I want to share my pics, but I had to share this one. No edits of any kind, please and thank you.

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2AM - Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die

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Christina Perri - A Thousand Years - Jun Sung Ahn Violin Cover (by JuNCurryAhn)

Hope you guys like it! :D

Misun : You’d never get bored of him, if he lived with you.

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[dongho’s reply on twitter: kekeke look at the bear’s expression kekeke]

I think I’ll be “Eli” with that exact expression and Eli will be the bunny (hopefully without the expression). But oh well. If I really can sit next to him so close, I don’t mind! :D


the best part is when Kim Gura agree about that! haha

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I miss them both so much :’(

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I wanna nobody nobody but you….

He was singing that to me xD

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